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Meet Our Babysitters

Below is only a selection of our amazing team of babysitters:

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Alice is a dedicated member of our Cherished Cherubs team, whose passion for education and childcare enriches the lives of the children she works with. Alice is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Education (Primary) and brings a strong academic foundation to her role as an OSH Educator, where she provides exceptional before and after school care.

Alice’s commitment to her professional development is matched by her natural aptitude for learning. She prides herself on being a quick learner and a hard worker, qualities that shine through in her interactions with children. Her genuine love for working with children is evident in her enthusiastic and confident approach, making her a favorite among the kids and a trusted choice for parents.

With experience ranging from toddlers to older children, including those with additional needs, Alice demonstrates a versatility and competence that make her a valuable asset to any childcare setting. Her comfort and confidence in her skills allow her to create a supportive, engaging, and fun environment that fosters learning and growth. With Alice, parents can rest assured that their children are in capable, compassionate hands, receiving care that is both thoughtful and tailored to their individual needs.

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Alicia is a devoted mum to her three children and she is very fortunate that she has grown up surrounded by a very closely knit (and large) family.  Since Alicia was very young, she babysat her many nieces and nephews and additionally, she was a babysitter whilst studying at university.  Alicia is a qualified dietitian and is very passionate about a “healthy lifestyle” including eating healthy and exercising.  Alicia loves cooking and even more loves to share the experience of cooking with her own as well as other children.  When she isn’t in the kitchen cooking and baking she is out running around the river or doing trail walks.  Alicia is very experienced with all ages of children and loves spending time with children as she learns so much from them.  The values which she brings to all aspects of her life, including babysitting, are; integrity, trust, responsibility, positivity, generosity and kindness.

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Amandine’s favourite three things are children, dogs and nature. She is regularly exploring the bush with her friends and their children and used to work for Nature Play WA. She is very passionate about the wonderful benefits nature can bring to a child. Amandine loves exploring with children, learning together and being creative. She has also had a strong inner child which is why she thinks children gravitate toward her. Amandine used to be a foster carer and has worked with various disabilities and complex trauma in her 15-year career. She is highly experienced with children of all ages from babies to teenagers. Amandine believes deep down all children crave quality time, patience, encouragement, boundaries and love. If she was ever to return to study again she would study child psychology as she loves to see children grow and develop.

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Amy H

Amy is a caring and fun babysitter who holds her Cert III in Early Childhood Education and Care. She is experienced working with children of all ages within daycare and as a private babysitter. She has recently left the childcare industry to pursue a carer in the sports industry. Amy enjoys being outside, watching sports, and exploring new places. She finds working with children of all ages brings her lots of joy, passion, and happiness 

Baby sitting with heart - cherished cherubs babysitter providing loving care in perth


Ananya is an experienced babysitter with toddlers onwards and has been working as a casual babysitter for over 5 years. She is currently completing her studies in nursing and is a compassionate and caring member of the Cherished Cherubs team. She currently also works within the childcare industry as an educator in an OSH program. Ananya enjoys the curiosity and wonder of children and how they can liven up your day. She loves the unpredictability, engagement, and fun that working with children brings.

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Anita has over 15 years of experience working with and supporting children in an education setting and is currently working at a local catholic school. She is experienced, qualified, enthusiastic and professional. Anita is a devoted mother to her 3 adult children, who all still live at home! She is a fun-loving, nurturing person who adores working with children. Her interests are cooking, reading, the outdoors, beach walks and sailing. In addition to compulsory 1st aid training, Anita is trained in midazolam, and diabetes and has a cert 4 in special needs.

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Meet Ashleigh, a caring member of the Cherished Cherubs Babysitting team in Perth, who brings a blend of warmth, professionalism, and dedication to her role

Cherished cherubs babysitter preparing a meal, offering specialized baby sitting services in perth


Audrey is an experienced nanny and casual babysitter with a passion for nurturing children from babies upwards. Audrey’s dedication to giving back to her community shines through in her involvement with a local community playgroup and her active participation in her church’s monthly kids club.

Audrey’s deep understanding of developmental stages and milestones allows her to tailor activities that suit each child’s unique needs, fostering their growth and development. Her youthful spirit and enthusiasm enable her to connect effortlessly with children of all ages, making her a beloved babysitter among families.

At Cherished Cherubs, we value high standards of care, and Audrey exemplifies this commitment. Her genuine love for interacting and engaging with children ensures that every family she works with receives the best possible care. Audrey’s professional and friendly demeanor, combined with her vast experience, makes her a trusted and reliable babysitter.

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Briarna is a vibrant and experienced member of our Cherished Cherubs team. Recently relocated from New Zealand, Briarna brings a wealth of international experience and a fresh perspective to her role as a babysitter. She is currently completing her studies in Criminal Justice, which reflects her disciplined, insightful nature and her commitment to making a positive impact in the community.

Briarna’s extensive background as an Environmental and Adventure Educator in Hong Kong and New Zealand has equipped her with the skills to engage and inspire children of all ages, from newborns to teenagers. Her approach combines education with adventure, encouraging children to explore their environments and learn through active participation.

Her experience is complemented by her bright and confident personality, making her a favorite among children and parents alike. Briarna’s maturity and genuine affection for children shine through in her caregiving style, ensuring that she meets the needs of each child with empathy and understanding.

Briarna’s diverse background and enthusiastic approach to childcare make her a unique and invaluable asset to our team. Whether she’s helping with homework, guiding outdoor explorations, or providing nurturing care, Briarna is dedicated to creating a safe, enriching, and fun environment for the children she looks after. Parents can trust that with Briarna, their children are in capable and caring hands, making her a perfect fit for families looking for a mature, experienced, and loving babysitter.



Carina has always had a passion for working with children. She pursued a bachelor’s degree in nursing so that she could better care for and support the needs of young ones. Carina is experienced in working with children of all ages including additional needs and takes great pride in providing quality care for the little ones she looks after. She is caring, trustworthy, and experienced – perfect for any family looking for a qualified babysitter or nanny.

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Caroline enjoys playing hockey and netball and being part of a team. She holds a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood and is a passionate teacher that values children’s innate curiosity and play-based learning. Caroline is experienced with children of all ages and abilities and is a passionate and engaging babysitter.

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Cathy is a wonderful babysitter with over 30 years of experience working with children of all ages and abilities. She says that caring for children helps keep her young and active. She has worked within the childcare industry both in Canada and Australia as well as working in the disability and respite sectors. Cathy is a caring and engaging babysitter who loves to assist families with quality care.

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Chantel is a bright and enthusiastic babysitter who is currently completing her Bachelor of Education. She comes to us with the experience of working within various roles within the childcare industry as well as being a kid’s parkour coach! Chantel is also experienced in working with children with additional needs. She loves working with children, the way they think, their ability for joy and laughter, and their enthusiasm for learning. 

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Charli has always been a vibrant and passionate person with a heart of gold. Even as a child, she was always looking out for the welfare of those around her – whether it was her younger siblings or the animals she loved so much. This compassionate nature led Charli to pursue a career in nursing, which she is currently studying for. In addition to her studies, Charli also works as a babysitter superstar for Cherished Cherubs families. She takes great pride in being an advocate for children and truly loves her job. Charli feels really proud to have a profession that allows her to care for children and people alike.

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Chelsea is very passionate about working with children and loves watching and assisting with their development, learning new skills and language skills as they learn to talk as well as building relationships with the families she works with. She holds a Cert III in Early Childhood Education and is currently completing her Diploma in Early Childhood. Currently, Chelsea works within the childcare industry predominately with toddler-aged children but is also an experienced casual babysitter with children of all ages. 

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Chloe is a bubbly and creative babysitter originally from Scotland but has been living in Australia since she was young. In 2018 she returned to the UK on a working holiday for two years where she spent her time working at a kids’ adventure camp as an Activity Instructor. Chloe thoroughly enjoyed her time working on camp so much so that it inspired her to begin her studies when she returned to Australia and she is currently completing her Cert IV in Education Support. Chloe has been a trusted member of the Cherished Cherubs team for a few years and is highly experienced working with children of all ages and abilities. In her spare time, Chloe likes to read, draw, and listen to music as well as spend time with her family especially her niece and nephew as she absolutely adores being an Aunty.

Cherished cherubs babysitting perth


Meet Christa, a standout member of Cherished Cherubs and Babysitters Are Us in Perth. With a diverse range of experience from creche to childcare, Christa

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Claire is a wonderful mature-aged babysitter. She is a Mum of 3 and grandmother to one and is known as ‘Nannie Mac’ in her family. She has been a practising Registered Nurse for over 30 years and currently working in medical rehabilitation wards in two Perth hospitals. Claire loves spending time with her granddaughter, swimming and going for long walks with her dog. Spending time with kids of all ages brings Claire joy and she feels it keeps her young. She enjoys kicking the footy in the backyard, colouring, painting, doing puzzles and reading books. Claire likes to create a fun environment for the children in her care so they can enjoy their interests and maybe learn something new.

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Deborah is someone we want to keep forever. She is a mum and grandma and has extensive experience in a variety of jobs previously, from running a health shop, to being in real estate, as a board member for a family day care scheme and drama coaching. She enjoys gardening, renovating houses and cooking. Deborah is committed to taking good care of children and really engages effectively with them. She is reliable and intuitive. 

A funny babysitting story: “I am acutely aware of the importance of being on time in this job, so much so that I arrived a week early! (embarrassing)”

Deborah is available at various hours and lives centrally.

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Meet Dianna-Lee, a loving mum with a unique professional background in Paediatric Oral Health and the Department of Justice and a valued member of the

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Dorothy has worked for Cherished Cherubs for over 5 years and is a wonderfully reliable and well-respected member of the team. Dorothy is part of our selected group that has been dubbed the ‘baby whisperers’ and is well-experienced and confident working with young babies as well as children of any age. She has over 15 years of experience working within the childcare industry and has her Diploma in Children’s Services and is currently completing her Bachelor of Early Childhood. Dorothy is a kind, gentle and calming babysitter which makes her a wonderful sitter for young ones and an asset to Cherished Cherubs.

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Dushari has always loved children and after gaining experience in special needs and education support, she decided to become a babysitter. She loves spending time with children and teaching them new things. She has a Certificate IV in Education Support, which makes her an asset to Cherished Cherubs. Dushari is experienced in working with girls at a popular Girls’ School in Perth, so she knows how to handle different personalities and create a fun learning environment for kids.

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Elana was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and has been living in Perth for over 20 years. She works in the special needs education industry at a mainstream primary school and has done so for the past 15 years across all year levels from Kindergarten to Year 6. Elana is passionate about advancing the students in her care and is known for maintaining a calm approach, even during challenging situations. Her previous experience is providing home-based therapy to students with Autism and Developmental Delay as well as tutoring students with learning difficulties. Elana has two adult children which means she has an extensive array of experience and is patient, kind, and nurturing. Elana loves hanging out with her beloved pug, Oliver, and has a love for the ocean, reading, and catching up with family and friends. 

Eq photo


Eleanor is a mature-aged babysitter with 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren. She has been a wonderful Cherished Cherubs team member for over 10 years and is a qualified nurse and midwife. Eleanor worked extensively at Red Cross Children’s Hospital in South Africa as well as Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in the U.K. as a paediatric nurse and midwife. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, cooking, reading, travelling, and craft. Eleanor loves working with children and is experienced with children of all ages. Eleanor believes they are all unique little individuals and it is an absolute privilege for her to be able to care for them.

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Elizabeth is a registered nurse who has been working in the health field for over 30 years and is a Mum of 3. She is hard-working and motivated as well as a helpful and respectful person. Elizabeth believes that all children are a gift that requires nurturing. Working in the health field has helped her develop her skills and wisdom in working with children of all ages including newborn babies. Elizabeth loves music and dancing which has always played a big part in her life and brings her joy and happiness.

Cherished cherubs babysitter perth

Emma O

Meet Emma, an experienced and dedicated member of Cherished Cherubs babysitting services in Perth. With a Certificate II and extensive hands-on experience in childcare, Emma

Ew photo

Emma W

Emma is originally from Ireland and has been in Perth for over 10 years. She loves being active and being outdoors with her husband and their 4 lovely children. Emma loves to paint, read, catch up with friends over coffee, and going out for family walks. Emma completed her Fetac level 5 and 6 in childcare in Ireland as well as a Cert III in Community Services in Australia. On top of these qualifications, she has years of experience working and caring for children of all ages. She loves being a member of the Cherished Cherubs team and looks forward to minding future little ones.

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Erica is a mum of 2 very active and entertaining children.  She and her partner taught both children, baby sign language and she is able to communicate using some basic Auslan and can also speak German. Erica loves animals and has 2 dogs, a cat and a tank full of fish at home. Prior to having her own children, she worked as an Occupational Therapist for 15 years. She also has a black belt in Zen Do Kai martial arts and has spent the past 2 years teaching martial arts, life skills and sharing the anti-bullying message to children aged 3-16. She is no longer teaching on a regular basis but still helps out in classes when required. Erica loves working with babies, especially since she knows she won’t be having more of her own, so enjoys any opportunity to sneak some newborn cuddles. She is also just as comfortable with older children and loves to ensure that parents know they are leaving their children in safe hands. 

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Esther has over 10 years of experience working with children of all ages and abilities as well as 2 years of experience as a nurse. She has worked within kindy level programs and in the education industry as an Education Assistant. Esther holds a Bachelor of Nursing and a Cert IV in Education Support which makes her a wonderfully experienced and knowledgeable childcare worker. She loves working with children the most because of their innocence, purity, and sense of fun that they always bring. Esther loves the atmosphere little ones create and especially enjoys engaging them in play and watching them learn. 



With a passion for early childhood education and a Bachelor of Education in progress, Georgia is a dedicated and nurturing childcare provider at Cherished Cherubs.

Gf photo


Georgie is a loving and committed mother of two very happy grown-up children and is also a grandmother. She grew up in a positive and loving home with eight brothers and sisters and knows how important it is to create an environment in which children can flourish as individuals. Georgie has worked in restaurants and catering for many years as well as running cooking classes and now that she is retired, she enjoys caring for children. She loves to share her passion for cooking with children to help them become at ease in the kitchen. Georgie is a positive, reliable, organised, trustworthy and compassionate babysitter.
Georgie has a range of availability throughout the week and weekends and is located in the central suburbs.

Gy photo


Grace is a bright and engaging babysitter with over 10 years of experience working with children of all ages. She currently works as a school counselor but has previously worked as a casual babysitter and Nanny for over 10 years including traveling internationally with the families she provided care for. Grace holds a Psychological Science degree as well as a Grad Cert in School Well-Being, in addition to this she loves health and fitness and holds diplomas and certificates in fitness, pilates, and children’s yoga. Grace is very passionate about children and their life’s journey and well-being.

A cherished cherubs babysitter perth


Introducing Harpreet, a devoted member of the Cherished Cherubs BabysittingPerth team, whose passion for childcare is evident in every interaction she has with children and

Hm photo


Heidi is a mum and genuinely adore caring for children and supporting families. With a Diploma in Childcare, many years of volunteer work and over 30 years’ experience working with children, Heidi is a fantastic Cherished Cherubs babysitter. “I have worked with children in play schools, day care, in home nanny and disability support since I was 14. It is the most rewarding work”.

Cherished cherubs babysitting perth


Isabella has over 5 years of experience working with children of all ages as a babysitter, OSHC educator, tutor, community mentor, and dance teacher. Currently, Isabella is working as a disability support worker with children with additional needs. Isabella loves to learn and tries her best to pass this love on to each and every one of the children she interacts with. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Law which was largely fuelled by her passion for learning and educating.  Isabella is excited to be a member of the Cherished Cherubs team and to meet and work with lots of new families to spend time caring for and getting to know their beloved children and unique personalities as she receives so much joy from working with children and seeing them smile and grow as individuals.

Baby sitting perth - cherished cherubs babysitter providing nighttime care

Isabella P

Isabella enjoys all types of sports and is always excited to be outdoors exploring, especially down at the beach. Although she loves to be active she does enjoy relaxing and reading a good book in the sun. Isabella is currently completing her Bachelor of Nursing and is thoroughly enjoying it. She has a passion for learning and teaching and all of her previous jobs have related to the care and involvement of children. Isabella is a trustworthy and fun babysitter who is experienced in working with children of all ages.

Photo of jannice our cherished cherubs babysitter perth


With over 30 years of unwavering dedication, Janice stands out as a leading figure among babysitters in Perth. Her journey in childcare began with a

Je photo


Meet Jasmin, an enthusiastic, engaging, and active babysitter who loves watching children learn and engaging them in play. Jasmin’s favourite thing about working with children is their ability to say it how it is which most of the time is very humourous and entertaining. Jasmin is experienced with toddlers upwards and has over 5 years of experience working with children as a babysitter as well as a swimming teacher. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Exercise Science with the end goal of moving into the Physiotherapy field. 

Jp photo


Jenelle has been working with babysitting agencies on and off for the past 20 years giving her lots of experience working with children of all ages. Jenelle is an adventurer and has travelled far and wide including the Arctic and Antarctica which gave her the magical experience of seeing a polar bear in the wild. In her spare time, she loves camping and scuba diving. She is an avid volunteer worker and currently volunteers with Blue Gum Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation care group so each week she is looking after injured and orphaned wildlife including joeys, possums, echidnas, birds and reptiles. She has two gorgeous ragdoll cats and loves spending quality time at home when she is not off on her adventures. Jenelle takes pride in her title as “Favourite Aunt” with all her nieces and nephews and basks in the glory of being the cool and fun aunt and babysitter. She is quite a diverse person and just has a special knack with kids of all ages. We are excited to have Jenelle back on the team and she looks forward to meeting some new little faces.

Jds photo


Jennifer has two grown sons, and two cats and absolutely loves dogs and all animals! In the past, Jen was a Director of Catering for Canadian Pacific Resorts and owned her own General Store. She now cooks and caters for luxury yachts and homes. When she is not busy cooking up a feast, she thoroughly enjoys getting out in nature, exploring the wildlife, diving, and skiing. In addition to being a stay-at-home Mum for 10 years, Jen has worked as a casual babysitter and volunteered for her kid’s sporting teams. Jen has always enjoyed babysitting and she finds it rewarding, important but most of all, FUN! Jennifer has been a member of the Cherished Cherubs team for a few years and is experienced working with children of all ages.

Cherished cherubs nanny perth


Jessica is an experienced and engaging babysitter who is confident in working with children of all ages and abilities. She is a qualified social worker with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and Master of Social Work who is currently working in the social workspace. Jessica enjoys engaging with children and supporting them to explore their different interests. She loves to play and have fun with the children she is caring for and doesn’t feel like she is really “working” while she is babysitting for Cherished Cherubs. While sometimes parents can feel stressed about leaving their children, Jessica will take the time to listen to parents about their children’s needs to ensure that they receive the best possible care and that their routines are maintained. When not at work, Jessica can be found hiking, reading, playing soccer, or relaxing at the beach.

Photo of cherished cherubs babysitter julia


Julia is a valued member of the Cherished Cherubs team. She brings her extensive experience in childcare and as a special needs Education Assistant at



With over 20 years of experience caring for and educating children, Julie is a trusted childcare professional at Cherished Cherubs. Her passion for early childhood

Je photo

Julie E

Julie first started working as a babysitter when she was a teenager living in Tom Price. Since then, she has not only raised her own two children, she has helped care for nieces nephews, friends children and grandchildren. In the last few years, Julie has been lucky enough to travel extensively throughout the world. As an entertainer in music, Julie has been entertaining mainly Seniors in the community, at Seniors Centres, Retirement Villages, Community Concerts etc. Julies says she absolutely loves working for Cherished Cherubs, especially when she goes back to families she has been to a few times before, loves to see the children again who are all so excited to see her as well. Julie loves to bring her many years of experience as an Entertainer to children with music, dancing, and play-acting.

Kg photo

Kate G

Kate is a wonderful, friendly, and engaging babysitter who is experienced with toddlers to teenagers. She has been the go-to babysitter for her friends and family for a number of years and loves nurturing positive interactions and engaging in activities with the children in her care. Kate enjoys working with children due to the energy and joy they bring.

Km photo

Kate M

Kate is a highly experienced childcare worker with decades of experience working with children of all ages and abilities. She is a qualified nurse and has a carer in neonatal nursing including traveling to remote locations to assist in the medical care of children being transported to Perth for care. Kate is passionate about the work she does with children and ensuring that all children are provided with high-quality care and support at all times. In addition to her amazing qualifications and extensive experience working with children she is also a Mum of 3. Kate is a phenomenal member of the Cherished Cherubs team who strives to meet the needs of each individual child in a supportive and engaging environment.

Kw photo

Kate W

Kate has over 10 years of experience working as in-home help as well as nanny and babysitting experience. She loves to assist others and every Christmas Day will volunteer at the annual Mission Australia Christmas Lunch in the park which is a truly humbling experience for her. To relax Kate enjoys spending time in nature, the beach, or the park with her German Shepherd dog. Kate enjoys attending practical philosophy classes, working out at the gym, reading (especially inspiring autobiographies), and spending quality time with friends. To Kate caring for children isn’t work but instead an opportunity to spend time with innocent, curious minds and big, open hearts. Children look to adults for guidance and loving nurture and her experience engaging with children has been profoundly rewarding to her.

Ks photo


Kelly is a dynamic member of our Cherished Cherubs team, whose nurturing spirit and dedication shine through in every aspect of her life. As a nursing student with a special interest in pediatrics, Kelly combines her academic pursuits with deep personal experience, being a devoted mother to four wonderful children.

Kelly’s days are filled with activity, whether she’s absorbed in her studies, managing the joys and challenges of motherhood, or staying active. Her love for fitness finds her running at the gym or exploring the lush local parks with her children, fostering a healthy, active lifestyle for her family.

Looking to the future, Kelly is excited to specialize in pediatrics, where she can extend her compassion and expert care to even more children. Her belief in the importance of guiding young minds is at the core of her personal and professional life. Kelly sees every interaction with children as an opportunity to influence the future positively, and she cherishes the role she plays in nurturing the next generation.

Kelly’s experience, coupled with her warm, caring personality, makes her not just a babysitter, but a role model and a beacon of support for families. Her commitment to health, education, and well-being makes her an invaluable asset to our team and a beloved figure to the children she looks after.



Meet Kinley, a dedicated and experienced babysitter known for her trustworthiness, responsibility, punctuality, and kind nature. As a doting mum, Kinley understands the importance of

Cherished cherubs babysitter wearing glasses and a jacket


Krishma brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for childcare to Cherished Cherubs. With over 20 years of dedicated service in various childcare

Group of cherished cherubs babysitters ready to provide top-notch baby sitting in perth


Kuenzang is a Mother of 4 who is experienced in working with children of all ages from newborns onwards. She is currently completing her Masters in Business but has years of experience working within the Early Childhood and Daycare industries. Kuenzang thoroughly enjoys working with children and loves the way they share their joy and special moments with those around them and looks forward to building wonderful relationships with families.



Kusali’s warmth and genuine care for children of all ages make her a standout childcarer, deeply appreciated by both the families she serves and her colleagues. Kusali’s extensive experience ranges from nurturing babies and toddlers to engaging with children in their formative years, making her adept at fostering an environment where children feel safe, supported, and eager to explore the world around them.

In addition to her role with Cherished Cherubs, Kusali serves as a leader at a long daycare facility, where she is entrusted with the well-being of little ones throughout the day. Her leadership in such settings is marked by her empathetic approach, not only towards the children but also towards the parents. Kusali understands the challenges faced by working parents, balancing the demands of their jobs with the emotional weight of leaving their children in care. She strives to alleviate these pressures by ensuring that the children in her care are not only safe and happy but also thriving under her attentive supervision.

Kusali’s goal is to provide peace of mind for parents and a nurturing, joyful, and secure environment for the children. Her kindness and passion for childcare shine through in her daily interactions, where she ensures each child feels valued and loved. With Kusali, parents know their children are in capable and caring hands, allowing them to go about their day with confidence knowing their little ones are not just cared for but cherished.

Picture of kyah cherished cherubs babysitter smiling


Kyah embodies the spirit of compassion and dedication that defines the Cherished Cherubs team. Her calm and grounded demeanour instantly puts children and parents at

Cherished cherubs babysitters prerth

Lara Susan

Lara Susan brings a unique blend of academic rigour and heartfelt care to her role as a Cherished Cherubs babysitter in Perth. With a solid

Lf photo


Leanne is a caring and respectful spirit and has enjoyed working with children since she was young with an adult child of her own. Leanne has experience working with children of all ages including newborns. Leanne is fun-loving and thoroughly enjoys being creative particularly with hands-on play and craft activities to promote and encourage healthy motor development. She loves to read and promote imaginative play with the children in her care.

Lw photo

Leanne W

Leanne is a friendly babysitter who is experienced with children of all ages. She has worked with children as a nanny, swim teacher, sports coach, and casual babysitter and she currently volunteers at a school at the breakfast club and as a mentor. Leanne loves how open, honest, and energetic children are and enjoys engaging them in their interests and watching them learn and grow.

Ly photo


Liling (Ling) is originally from Malaysia and moved to Australia, settling in Perth, at the age of 7 with her parents and brother. When not working for Cherished Cherubs, she works for the department of health as a Payroll Officer. Ling has two nieces and two nephews who she babysits for and has also completed work experience in a childcare centre. Ling is a huge animal lover and has two cats of her own. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, going for walks and spending time with family and friends. Ling has been working with Cherished Cherubs for over 10 years and loves the opportunity to meet new families and gain different experiences with all of the children she looks after.

Cherished cherubs babysitting perth


Lois is an energetic mature-aged babysitter who has always loved working with children and always finds it a positive and rewarding experience. Lois is highly experienced with children of all ages and loves interacting and seeing the wonder in them. She works within the medical industry and has over 20 years of experience. Lois always finds working with children fulfilling and always ensures she provides quality and safe care and keeps children and parents reassured at all times. 

Cherished cherubs babysitter bonding with twins, experts in baby sitting perth


Lou-Ellen is an amazingly active and energetic babysitter that enjoys engaging with children in her care. She thoroughly loves the fun, imaginative, and creative side of working with children. Lou-Ellen is experienced with children of all ages and abilities. On top of being a babysitter, she has worked with children as a swim teacher, school hockey coach, and dance teacher/assistant as well as volunteering at a horse riding camp working alongside children with additional needs. Her genuine passion for working with children is an asset to the Cherished Cherubs team.

Experienced cherished cherubs babysitter smiling with children, baby sitting in perth


Lucy is a highly experienced member of our team with an extensive history of working with children of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. She is currently a nursing student and has also been working as a Nursing Assistant at PCH. In addition to this, she has worked as a Support Worker in the disability sector, a Nanny with infants as well as being a casual babysitter with children of all ages. Lucy is a highly educated babysitter with a wide variety of knowledge across childhood developmental stages. She is very passionate about working with children and creating an exciting and positive environment for them to flourish.

Cherished cherubs nanny perth


Lucynda has over 15 years of experience working with children of all ages and abilities. She is a qualified Teacher and has also worked many years within the childcare industry. Lucynda is a Mum herself and understands how daunting it can be to leave your child in someone else’s care and always ensures she makes the process easy and carefree for families. Lucynda is a trustworthy and engaging babysitter who prides herself on providing quality care for all children.

Ml photo


Mariah was born in the USA and moved to Australia in her teens. She is currently completing her Masters in Teaching and works in the biodiversity field running school excursions in the hills teaching biology concepts to children through practical hands-on activities. Mariah is experienced with children of all abilities and finds working with children refreshing, rewarding and fun.

Ml photo


Melanie is a kind, compassionate and caring babysitter who has been a trusted and reliable member of the team for over 5 years. She is a Mum of 3, has completed volunteer work within the education field and has cared for children with additional needs. Melanie is highly experienced in working with children of all ages from newborns to teenagers. She is calm by nature but has a fun perspective on life and absolutely loves being a Mum and working with children and meeting new families.

Ms photo


Michelle is a wonderful babysitter who is highly experienced with children of all ages from newborns to teenagers as well as children with additional needs. She holds a Bachelor of Education and currently works as an Early Childhood Teacher within the education industry. Michelle prioritises building positive relationships with the children she provides care for whilst also ensuring family routines and structures are followed. She enjoys being creative and playing games and for her, it is of the utmost importance that the children within her care are being stimulated and engaging in fun activities.

Mc photo


Monique is a Mum and Grandmother and has been passionately supporting families for over 30 years. She has worked as a Nanny and Babysitter and is a qualified childcare educator. Monique is committed to making a difference for all families she provides care for and is a nurturing, attentive, creative, engaging and trustworthy babysitter.

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Nicole is currently studying both Primary Teaching and Law at Murdoch University. She works as a gymnastics coach and has been babysitting for over 8 years.  In her spare time, she likes to relax and read a good book, or catch up on an exciting TV show that she may have missed while busy studying.  She plays the piano and is very musical, so finds it relaxing composing her own songs.  What Nicole most enjoys about working for Cherished Cherubs is that it allows her to have a very hands-on technique with the kids and gives her the opportunity, to not just watch them or stick them in front of a TV, but allows her to interact with them and have activities prepared that nurture their brains and help their growth and development. Nicole has experience with all ages and has a positive outlook and bubbly attitude.    

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Olivia is a bright, bubbly and warm babysitter who is currently completing her studies in Community and Counselling Services. Olivia has had a variety of experiences working with children from creches, early childhood learning, and assisting pre-primary levels as an Educational Assistant. She is no stranger to Lego, Uno, arts and craft and is always ready to learn and take on what each child or family enjoy doing.

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Passang comes to us with over 10 years of experience working with children of all ages as a casual babysitter, Early Childhood Educator and Teacher. She holds formal qualifications in Early Childhood and Education and is currently completing her Masters. Passang is also a Mum herself and understands how nervewracking it can be as a parent when trying to find care for your children. She thoroughly enjoys working with children and believes there is a lot to learn from children but also loves the opportunity to teach them new things along the way.



At Cherished Cherubs, we take pride in introducing our exceptional babysitters, and Pema is no exception. With a lifelong passion for nurturing children, Pema finds

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Rachel is a highly experienced babysitter who has worked with children of all ages including newborns. She is a Mum of 3 boys so understands how busy parenting life can be and enjoys being able to ease the stress for families where she can. Rachel has worked within the childcare industry and has been a casual babysitter for a number of years. She feels she has a natural ability with children and loves how different and unique each child can be. Rachel always ensures she adapts activities and strategies to match each individual personality to provide the highest quality of care possible for each family.

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Rajvi is a beloved and highly skilled member of our Cherished Cherubs team. Rajvi’s passion for childcare is evident in her warm, engaging approach and her extensive experience with children of all ages. With a Diploma in Early Childhood, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role, ensuring a nurturing and educational environment for every child she cares for.

Rajvi’s commitment extends beyond traditional caregiving; she thrives on watching children grow and learn, embracing the chance to introduce them to a variety of experiences. Her dedication to enriching the lives of children includes immersing them in diverse cultures and engaging activities that spark curiosity and foster development.

Currently working within the childcare industry, Rajvi applies her educational background and personal insights daily, creating a positive atmosphere that supports the holistic growth of children. She believes that every child offers a unique perspective and values the opportunity to contribute to their lifelong journey of learning.

Rajvi’s love for her work and her ability to connect with children make her an invaluable part of our team. Her enthusiasm and professional approach ensure that she is not just a caregiver, but a positive influence in the lives of the children she looks after. With Rajvi, parents can feel confident that their children are in capable and caring hands.

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Sandamini is a wonderful and bubbly babysitter who is passionate about working with children. She loves children’s ability and joy for trying new things and exploring the world and thrives on being able to assist them to learn new skills. Sandamini is experienced working with toddlers upwards and has worked as a casual babysitter for a number of years as well as volunteering and completing work experience within the childcare and preschool industries.

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Sharon is a highly experienced babysitter and nanny. She is a Mum of six herself and understands the patience, commitment, and organisation it takes to provide quality care for children. Sharon is experienced from newborns to teenagers and takes immense pride in supporting parents and providing stable and loving care.

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Sharon S

Sharon is a calm and caring babysitter with years of experience working with children from babies upwards as a casual babysitter. Currently, she also works as an Education Assistant at the Primary School level assisting children with additional needs in the classroom. Sharon loves all aspects of working with children from changing nappies and providing hands-on assistance with babies through to assisting older children with schoolwork and engaging them in fun activities. 

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Meet Sithar, an exceptional part of the Cherished Cherubs nanny and babysitting agency team in Perth! With over a decade of dedicated service as a

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Sonam is a highly valued babysitter within the Cherished Cherubs team, known for her exceptional childcare services across Perth. Her commitment to providing a nurturing,

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Sonja is a passionate babysitter who is experienced in working with children of all ages. She holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and worked within the childcare industry as an educator as well as a lead educator. Previous to this she was a qualified chef and worked as a childcare cook while pursuing her early childhood studies. Sonja has many years of experience working with children as well as being a casual babysitter and providing care for her two nieces. She has a bright and bubbly nature and ensures she provides children with active and engaging activities. 

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Sophie is a valued member of the Cherished Cherubs babysitter, nanny, and childcare team. Her background as a pediatric nurse and experience working in a

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Stephanie is a dedicated member of the Cherished Cherubs Perth babysitting team, bringing a wealth of experience and a deep passion for child care to



Meet Susan, a cherished member of our Cherished Cherubs babysitting services in Perth. With a Bachelor of Education and the invaluable experience of successfully raising

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Suzie is young at heart and a loving and energetic mature aged babysitter. She has over 13 years’ experience working with children of all ages including newborns in various settings – nanny, babysitter, daycare, creches etc. Suzie enjoys going to the gym and participating in Latin, Zumba and Pilates classes. She loves the outdoors, travelling and takes the time to enjoy the company of her friends and family whenever possible. When taking care of children Suzie always provides the best possible care to ensure they feel loved and safe on top of enjoying their time with her.

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Tarina has been working with Cherished Cherubs for a number of years now and consistently receives wonderful feedback from the families she cares for. As a proud parent of two adult girls, Tarina loves spending time with them and also is a carer for her Mum along with caring for their rescue dog. Tarina comes from a Family of 6 siblings. She has always enjoyed babysitting family and friends. In her spare time, she likes to read, go for walks, and enjoy a good movie. Tarina likes babysitting for Cherished Cherubs due to the flexibility in the hours to accommodate her family life. She is experienced with all ages and is honest, reliable, and has a caring nature which makes her an asset to the Cherished Cherubs team.



Meet Tash, a compassionate and experienced Cherished Cherubs babysitter whose love for children shines through in everything she does. As a dedicated mum of a



Meet Tashi, a warm-hearted and gentle-natured Cherished Cherubs babysitter who brings our team a wealth of experience and compassion. As a devoted mother of two

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Teresa has 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren. She loves spending time with her family and engaging in play with her grandchildren and made the move from NSW to WA to be closer to family. Teresa loves all animals and has 2 dogs of her own. In her spare time, she likes to read and take walks along the beach. Teresa is a very patient and fun babysitter and is experienced with children of all ages. She is very passionate about caring for children and enjoys teaching children new skills and engaging them in new experiences.

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Tess is a qualified Physiotherapist who aims to specialise in the paediatric field. She has years of babysitting experience as well as nannying experience and worked as a teaching assistant at Code Camp. Tess is experienced with toddlers to teenagers as well as additional needs. She spends her spare time at the beach, playing guitar or with her pet poodle, Sooty. Tess is a compassionate, patient, and organised person.

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Tessa is a highly qualified and experienced babysitter who works with Cherished Cherubs, a reputable childcare agency. With a Diploma in early childhood education, Tessa

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Tracey is a passionate and empathetic babysitter who loves the unique nature of each individual child and is confident with children of all ages. She is a Mum herself and currently works as part of the Cabin Crew team where she gets to help Mums and Dads with their little ones during perhaps the hardest part of their holiday – travelling! Tracey also assists and care for unaccompanied minors who are travelling on their own which of course requires some extra special love and attention. Her family loves the beach, whether it’s just for a walk or having a swim and feels so lucky to live in Perth with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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Born with a genuine love for children, Tshombu began her journey in child care early in her career. Her dedication to nurturing and moulding young

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Meet Upi, a childcare professional with a wealth of experience at Cherished Cherubs. Her natural ability to connect with the youngest members of our community

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Zamm has over 5 years of experience working within the childcare industry and is experienced working with newborns to teenagers. She holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and currently works within the childcare industry. She has worked in both daycare and after-school care programs and holds leadership roles in both these areas. Zamm is a reliable, responsible, and caring babysitter.

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“From the initial quote and booking to the baby sitting service, Cherished Cherubs have been outstanding all the way through!! It gave us complete peace of mind knowing our son was well looked after.” – Christina

“We had Riana look after our 1.5 year old son for a few hours while we went out for dinner. From the moment she walked in the door both my son and daughter were obsessed with her.” – Michelle

“Our babysitter Erica was fantastic, she went above and beyond to make our little people feel safe and happy. Strongly recommend her to others and will use again in the future.” – Dale

“My children felt at ease with Ema straight away. She read them stories and settled them into bed. Booking and communication process was very straightforward and easy to use. Highly recommend” – Hannah