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Cherished Cherubs Childcare Perth


Meet Rachel from Cherished Cherubs, a seasoned babysitter on our Perth team. With years of experience under her belt, Rachel has a special knack for working with kids of all ages, from tiny newborns to energetic older children. As a mum to three boys herself, Rachel knows all about the hustle and bustle of family life. She’s passionate about helping parents out, giving them a bit of a break and peace of mind and making family life a bit smoother.

Rachel has a rich childcare background, both professionally and as a babysitter. She believes she’s got a natural touch when it comes to looking after kids, enjoying their unique personalities and the fun and variety they bring into her day. Rachel’s approach is all about getting to know each child and coming up with fun, engaging activities that suit them perfectly, ensuring they’re happy and well cared for while under her watch.

At Cherished Cherubs, we’re all about finding the perfect babysitter for each family, someone who’s skilled and a great fit personality-wise. Rachel fits this bill perfectly. She’s not just good at what she does; she cares deeply about making a positive difference in the lives of the families she helps. Rachel is a fantastic choice if you’re in Perth and looking for a reliable, caring babysitter. She brings both professionalism and a warm, personal touch to her work.

About Us

At Cherished Cherubs, we have been providing quality childcare  in Perth since 2002.  We know how important your children are.  Our mission is to provide professional, tailored and affordable babysitting services to create a stress-free experience for parents.  We organise it all for you.  Whether you want to find a babysitter to take care of your little ones at home, at your hotel, at work or your latest event, we’ve got you covered.

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