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Meet Deborah, a truly invaluable member of our Cherished Cherubs team, whose diverse background and warm personality make her a favorite among families. With a rich tapestry of experiences ranging from running a health shop to real estate, serving on the board of a family day care scheme, and coaching drama, Deborah brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique set of skills to her role as a babysitter.

A devoted mother and grandmother, Deborah’s extensive personal and professional experience with children shines through in her caregiving. She has a natural ability to connect with children, engaging with them in meaningful and enjoyable ways that enrich their time together. Her reliability and intuitive nature ensure that she meets the needs of every child, making her a trusted companion for families.

In addition to her childcare expertise, Deborah has a passion for gardening, renovating houses, and cooking, hobbies that reflect her creative and nurturing spirit. These interests often spill over into her babysitting, where she enjoys involving children in cooking projects or sharing stories about nature and DIY projects, sparking their curiosity and learning.

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At Cherished Cherubs, we have been providing quality childcare  in Perth since 2002.  We know how important your children are.  Our mission is to provide professional, tailored and affordable babysitting services to create a stress-free experience for parents.  We organise it all for you.  Whether you want to find a babysitter to take care of your little ones at home, at your hotel, at work or your latest event, we’ve got you covered.

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