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A babysitting agency or match making agency? How we choose your babysitter

Written by Lisa

Are you a babysitting or match making agency? Matching two individuals for a romantic date, matching an applicant to a job, matching an outfit to an occasion, it is all about analysis, skill set and compatibility.  

Are you a babysitting or match making agency?

Matching two individuals for a romantic date, matching an applicant to a job, matching an outfit to an occasion, it is all about analysis, skill set and compatibility.

As a babysitting agency, it is important that families and babysitters are a good match. We want parents to feel reassured, children to feel secure and babysitters to enjoy their time.

How do Cherished Cherubs Babysitting choose which babysitter will suit your family? There are several considerations that go on behind the scenes before you we advise you who your babysitter will be.

These are the questions and information we take into consideration:

  1. Have you used our agency before, and who did we send you? We like to provide consistency for the children, so if you were happy with your babysitter previously, we will always contact the same babysitter again to see if they are available for you. But if you would like to try someone new PLEASE ask.
  2. Where do you live? We do not want our babysitters travelling long distances or spending too much time travelling to and from your home. We have babysitters located across the metropolitan areas of Perth.
  3. What day and time do you need? Our babysitters have varied availability. Some only work during the day, some only work nights, and others do a variety. They advise their availability on a weekly basis to refer to.
  4. How old are your children? The ages of your children will determine which babysitters will match your family. There are the active university students who are great for school aged children on the go, or there are our mums, grandmums and childcare workers that have experience with babies. Their skill set is essential to ensure your children are safe and that they are able to interact suitably with the children.
  5. Is there something in particular you are looking for in a babysitter? Do you want someone younger, older, active, nurturing, patient, someone that can speak another language? We listen to you and consider suitability when choosing your babysitter.
  6. What sort of personality would your children like? Are your children loud and active and would like an outgoing personality to play with, or do you have a timid child that relates better with older people? Some have no preference, but if you do, let us know so we can match a babysitter that will help your child feel more relaxed and feeling safe.
  7. Will you be likely to need future babysitting? As we mentioned, we like to keep consistency, so if you need future babysitting, let us know what days, frequency, and times you would like to book. We want to choose someone who can commit to you for the times you need.
  8. How much notice have you given us? The more notice we have the more chance of having the same babysitter again, and for us to have more choices of babysitters to choose from. Shorter notice means shorter options as many babysitters are already booked, especially at peak times and seasons.

The advantage chatting to one of us at Cherished Cherubs Babysitting, gives you, not only personalised service, but we able to customize the service specifically to your needs. The person at the end of the phone not only works for Cherished Cherubs but, is a mum that will relate to your situation.

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