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Winter Activities for Kids in Perth: A Comprehensive Guide

Written by Lisa

From indoor adventures to outdoor explorations, here's a comprehensive guide to the best winter activities for kids in Perth.

At Cherished Cherubs, we have a deep love for Perth and its vibrant community. As winter settles over our beautiful city, the challenge of keeping children entertained and active looms large. Fortunately, Perth offers a wealth of activities that can make the winter months as exciting and enriching as the summer ones. From indoor adventures to outdoor explorations, here’s a comprehensive guide to the best winter activities for kids in Perth.

1. Explore the Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo is a fantastic year-round destination, but it takes on a unique charm in the winter months. The cooler weather means many animals are more active and easier to spot. Bundle up the kids in warm clothes and embark on an educational adventure to see animals from around the world. Don’t miss the zoo’s Winter Wonderland events, where kids can enjoy special winter-themed activities and crafts.

2. Visit Scitech

Scitech is an interactive science museum that provides hours of educational fun for kids of all ages. With its engaging exhibits and hands-on experiments, children can learn about everything from space to physics in a fun and interactive environment. Scitech’s winter program often includes special workshops and demonstrations, making it an ideal indoor activity on a cold day.

3. Enjoy Indoor Play Centres

Perth boasts a variety of indoor play centres where kids can burn off energy regardless of the weather outside. Places like Lollipop’s Playland, Chipmunks, and Jungle Gym offer climbing frames, ball pits, slides, and more. These centres are perfect for younger children who need a safe and stimulating environment to play and explore.

4. Take a Trip to the WA Museum Boola Bardip

The Western Australian Museum Boola Bardip, located in the Perth Cultural Centre, is a treasure trove of history and culture. With a range of exhibits that appeal to children, including interactive displays and hands-on activities, it’s a great place for a family day out. The museum’s winter programs often feature special exhibitions and workshops designed specifically for kids.

5. Go Ice Skating

What better way to embrace the winter spirit than by ice skating? Perth has several ice skating rinks, such as Xtreme Ice Arena and Cockburn Ice Arena, which offer public skating sessions suitable for all skill levels. Many rinks provide skating aids for beginners, ensuring that even the littlest ones can join in the fun.

6. Discover Kings Park and Botanic Garden

While outdoor activities might seem daunting in winter, Kings Park offers a range of experiences that are enjoyable year-round. The park’s expansive grounds and numerous walking trails are perfect for a winter stroll. The Naturescape area is particularly popular with families, providing a natural playground where kids can climb, explore, and connect with nature.

7. Join a Library Storytime Session

Local libraries across Perth offer storytime sessions that are perfect for young children. These sessions often include reading, singing, and craft activities, providing a cosy indoor setting for kids to engage with books and stories. It’s also a great way for parents to discover new books to read at home. Visit the City of Perth Library to find out more about their storytime schedule.

8. Attend a Children’s Theatre Show

Perth’s vibrant arts scene includes numerous theatre productions for children. Check out what’s on at the Perth Cultural Centre or the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, which often feature winter performances designed to captivate young audiences. These shows are a delightful way to introduce children to the magic of live theatre.

9. Enjoy Winter Markets and Festivals

Perth’s winter calendar is filled with markets and festivals that offer family-friendly fun. Events like the Fremantle Winter Festival and the Perth Winter Lights Festival feature food stalls, live entertainment, and activities specifically for kids. These events provide a festive atmosphere where families can enjoy the best of winter in Perth.

10. Get Creative with Winter Crafts at Home

When the weather is too harsh to venture out, why not bring the fun indoors with some winter-themed crafts? Gather supplies and get creative with projects like making snowflake decorations, building a gingerbread house, or creating winter landscapes with paint and glitter. These activities are not only fun but also great for developing fine motor skills and creativity. Check out some inspiring ideas on Pinterest.

Tips for Enjoying Winter Activities with Kids

  • Dress Appropriately: Layering is key to keeping children warm and comfortable during outdoor activities. Don’t forget hats, gloves, and waterproof boots.
  • Stay Informed: Check the weather forecast and event schedules before heading out to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.
  • Pack Snacks and Water: Keep energy levels high with healthy snacks and plenty of water, especially for active outings.
  • Plan for Breaks: Schedule downtime between activities to prevent fatigue and ensure that everyone stays happy and engaged.

Winter in Perth offers a myriad of opportunities for families to bond, learn, and have fun together. By exploring these activities, you can create cherished memories and keep the winter blues at bay.

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