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Why choose Cherished Cherubs and not another babysitting agency?

Written by Lisa

We often get asked why we do not promote more often, and I guess that is because we do not need to.  We pride ourselves on word of mouth and quite frankly, integrity and being of service.

We often get asked why we do not promote more often, and I guess that is because we do not need to.  We pride ourselves on word of mouth and quite frankly, integrity and being of service.

What is it that sets Cherished Cherubs Babysitting apart from other babysitting options?

Why do families keep returning to Cherished Cherubs and large hotels and corporations keep using and recommending us?

I can sum that up in one word – personalisation.

The personalised service offered to families and babysitters of Cherished Cherubs tops the list. We all like a real person at the end of the phone, especially when it comes to our children’s safety and happiness. We have considered becoming an online platform, but to be honest, that does not sit well with me as it becomes more of a ‘transaction’ and as a parent, I would not feel comfortable.

Some things can be heard and said when you have a voice rather than talking to an app. There is extra information that is shared and impromptu conversation that develops and takes us in all directions.

Our staff turnover is extremely low. It means consistency in who our families and clients get to speak with when booking and a good chance of having repeat babysitters. It builds rapport to have honest, and sometimes difficult conversations.

We hear the excitement and relief from our clients at the ease of the process plus comfort and reassurance; we listen to parents’ tiredness; we hear the tone of desperation at times. When to jump and go, we know when to support, we know when to have a giggle.

Personalisation comes through listening, it is meeting individual family needs, it is working together with respect and understanding, and it is delivering what you promise, and more.

What else, well there is a whole lot more.

We know how important it is when choosing childcare for your children & we also know how time-consuming it is. You are guaranteed quality service with a team of professionals at Cherished Cherubs.


Service – you will not find a more effortless and safer way to book a babysitter. You save time by not having to do all the phone calls, interviewing, recruitment, training, reference checks, screening, or co-ordination.


Reliability – we receive call after call from frazzled parents saying their babysitter did not turn up, or their babysitter is sick or pulled out at the last minute. Cherished Cherubs emphasise to their babysitters about being reliable. And if they do become unwell, the Agency handles everything for you, replacing the babysitter without you having to do anything.


Our Recruitment Process – at Cherished Cherubs we take our recruitment seriously and only accept candidates that meet our high standards and have suitable qualifications and experience. All candidates register directly with our Agency, must be 21 years or older. Upon registration, our HR Manager will complete a thorough, 6 stage recruitment process which includes an initial telephone interview, followed by in-house, online training and testing. Suppose they are successful after these first two steps. In that case, must undertake a face-to-face interview, whereby a detailed, competency-based interview is conducted, along with documentation checks.  As an Agency, if we deem them suitable at this stage, they will continue to complete further online training and testing, before a final they are selected to be apart of our superstar team.


All candidates must hold current national police check and work with children’s card. They will also have completed a first aid course, which must include CPR.  A current driver’s licence and vehicle are also required.  All documents are renewed every three years as a minimum. A thorough audit is conducted on a regular and systematic basis to ensure these documents are up to date and valid.


Experienced babysitters – anyone can say they are a professional babysitter, but how do you know? With Cherished Cherubs, the experience is part of the recruitment phase to get their name on the agency books. We get to know our team, as we are in constant contact with them, booking them for various clients regularly, so they do have hands-on experience. We match the knowledge of the babysitter with the family and children.


Support – it is very natural for parents using a babysitter for the first time to be nervous, we understand that. With Cherished Cherubs Babysitting you have the agency staff’s support if you do have any issues or concerns, we are contactable. We pride ourselves on having a great team and appreciate any feedback about your babysitting experience. We will confidentially raise any problems with a babysitter if needed. We monitor each babysitter to ensure they meet our high standards.


We care – the agency office team are made up of mums to relate to how a parent or parents may be feeling. Cherished Cherubs has been in business for many years, which speaks for itself, we know our clientele, we know our families, know our babysitters, and love being able to help.


If you want an agency that understands how important it is to communicate and deliver on what it promises, Perth’s Cherished Cherubs Babysitting is there 24/7.

0417 927 525 now.

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