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Kusali’s warmth and genuine care for children of all ages make her a standout childcarer, deeply appreciated by both the families she serves and her colleagues. Kusali’s extensive experience ranges from nurturing babies and toddlers to engaging with children in their formative years, making her adept at fostering an environment where children feel safe, supported, and eager to explore the world around them.

In addition to her role with Cherished Cherubs, Kusali serves as a leader at a long daycare facility, where she is entrusted with the well-being of little ones throughout the day. Her leadership in such settings is marked by her empathetic approach, not only towards the children but also towards the parents. Kusali understands the challenges faced by working parents, balancing the demands of their jobs with the emotional weight of leaving their children in care. She strives to alleviate these pressures by ensuring that the children in her care are not only safe and happy but also thriving under her attentive supervision.

Kusali’s goal is to provide peace of mind for parents and a nurturing, joyful, and secure environment for the children. Her kindness and passion for childcare shine through in her daily interactions, where she ensures each child feels valued and loved. With Kusali, parents know their children are in capable and caring hands, allowing them to go about their day with confidence knowing their little ones are not just cared for but cherished.

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At Cherished Cherubs, we have been providing quality childcare  in Perth since 2002.  We know how important your children are.  Our mission is to provide professional, tailored and affordable babysitting services to create a stress-free experience for parents.  We organise it all for you.  Whether you want to find a babysitter to take care of your little ones at home, at your hotel, at work or your latest event, we’ve got you covered.

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