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Who should you turn to when you are a bit lost with parenting?

Written by Lisa

There are so many parenting ‘experts’ out there, how do you know which one to listen too?   If you are a parent in Australia odds are you have heard of Maggie Dent.

There are so many parenting ‘experts’ out there, how do you know which one to listen too?

If you are a parent in Australia odds are you have heard of Maggie Dent.

Maggie is a parent, educator, author, speaker and for me a totally inspirational human being. She is knowledgeable about children from newborns right up to adolescents. What is it that makes her my inspiration?

I like that she is very practical and back to basics. Her information is based on hands on experience as both a mother and educator. As much as Maggie has an extensive educational background, you know she has first hand experience and has dealt with many ‘challenging’ behaviours and situations with both children and parents alike. This shines through in what she speaks about.  She recognises behaviours quickly as she has seen them many times before. She gives an array of very practical examples of behaviours, outcomes and extremely, practical, helpful techniques.

The other aspect I like about Maggie is that as much as she goes back to basics, she also keeps up with the latest, whether that be in a technological world, or with scientific discoveries such as brain development. She is able to come up with strategies that relate in the ever changing world. She is able to incorporate latest advancements to support what she is conveying.

Respect is another attribute that makes Maggie the role model she is. She receives respect because she gives respect. She does not put people down, she knows parenting isn’t always easy, and that it doesn’t come with an instruction book, so parents will get it wrong at times. She is supportive yet tells the way it is. Sometimes parents are doing a great job, but they just need someone to reiterate that what they are doing is ‘right’.

And Maggie’s sense of humour is perfect for the area she is working with. In times of stress, a sense of perspective, and making light of a situation can help ease the burden. Parenting has many shared similarities. Children go through their stages, parents go through their up and downs of life’s journey.  And that is why one seminar of Maggies can help so many families at once. It brings things back to reality and encourages the use of what many know as common sense.

There are other parenting ‘experts’ to call on. I am not saying Maggie is the only one to listen to as I know other fantastic specialists that give great information and advice. I am asking though, if Maggie is in town it is worth being part of her audience, if you are a little lost, google her articles, if you have the time, read her books – all available at A true down to earth Australian role model for all parents and educators.

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