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The reason to buy a white leather couch when you have kids

Written by Lisa

Ever noticed how a house with kids is never like the magazines?  Are adverts for household furniture and haberdashery ever aimed at parents?

Ever noticed how a house with kids is never like the magazines?

Are adverts for household furniture and haberdashery ever aimed at parents?

This is how they should sell household items to parents or future parents….

  • White couches – the perfect surface for a child to draw in pen, texta or crayons.
  • Glass top dining tables – because fingerprints are unique, and you won’t be able to miss them all over the glass.
  • Plush carpet – somewhere for Lego to hide in, until someone steps on it! OUCH.
  • Open book-cases – because children need to improve their gross motor skills with their climbing.
  • Cupboards and shelving – perfect for child play. An empty space is an invitation to play in, so fill it up!
  • Decorative ornaments – to reinforce the science of energy – balls and flying objects are magnetized directly to these items, or gravity somehow sends them south smashing onto the floor.
  • Fluffy towels and your expensive linen – extremely versatile items, can be used to dry the dog, play tug-of-war, as a floor covering and general all-round muck up cleaner.
  • Desk/Coffee table – the perfect dumping ground, somewhere to put mail, school notes, earphones, lunch boxes and odd socks.
  • Low television cabinet – children are naturally inquisitive and tactile beings who will touch the screens, leaving greasy finger prints, play with the knobs – so all the settings are messed up, take the remotes and leave them on the floor or somewhere you cannot find it.

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