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Should children attend weddings?

Written by Lisa

Cherished Cherubs Babysitting have the perfect solution to this contentious question. Spring and summer bring the season for Weddings!!

Cherished Cherubs Babysitting have the perfect solution to this contentious question.

Spring and summer bring the season for Weddings!!  I love weddings, it is all about happiness and smiles, and catching up with people you don’t see too often.  As a bride it also brings decision making, months and sometimes years in advance.  Venue, flowers, dress, and guests are all the obvious decisions.  But what about guests that have children?

Many an argument has erupted, and families split about whether children should be invited to a wedding.  Who should be invited, just those that belong to the wedding party, how will Cousin Anna react?  What if master 8yo decides to thump the flower girl again, oh and have you seen the tantrums from miss 3yo, what if she does that squeal in the middle of the ceremony?

What are the options for having children at a wedding?

Have a child – free wedding.  This is becoming more of the norm and does not discriminate between parents.  If parents wish to attend the wedding, then they will need to organise their own childcare.  The problem with this is that often their babysitters are also attending the same wedding so are not available.  The bride may consider placing the details of a babysitting agency on the wedding invites or attached to the invites so parents know who to call should they need a babysitter at their home or hotel.

Have children at the ceremony, but not the reception. The ceremony if in a park is often able to accommodate many people and allows children to have a run around until the ceremony begins.  Parents can bring something for the children to do throughout the ceremony if inside a church.  The break in-between the ceremony and reception is the perfect time to take the children to the home or hotel where a babysitter will care for them, so that the parents can enjoy the wedding reception.

Have children for the ceremony and only part of the reception. Many bride and grooms like to have the children present for the initial speeches and meal; however, it is a big day for them, and they do get tired, and bored.  Babysitters can be hired to assist at the reception, then escort them back to their hotel room, and settled into bed.  Or they can just be available for the bedtimes if the children are being supervised by family at the reception.  The advantage of this option is that there is flexibility for everyone to relax and enjoy the wedding.

Weddings are one of the most important days to celebrate and with forward thinking and planning, the stress around “whether children should attend weddings” can be alleviated.

If you need help with your wedding or other function, let Cherished Cherubs Babysitting help.  Give them a call on 0417 927 525 or check out their reviews at

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