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Our parents are petrified

Written by Lisa

Cherished Cherubs deal with scared parents every week. How does it feel to leave your baby with a stranger for the first time?

Cherished Cherubs deal with scared parents every week.

How does it feel to leave your baby with a stranger for the first time? I will tell you…. PETRIFYING.

Every time we receive an enquiry from a new parent, I am reminded of my trepidation in leaving my own children with a new person.

But as a loving parent we should be anxious, our children are very precious, and they are our world. You may wonder how can know that this parent is nervous? You can hear it in their voice, their tone, their questions, their hesitation. Sometimes it is mum on the phone, and sometimes it is dad, and believe it or not, often, dads are the more nervous parent.

What are parents worried about? Of course, if you listen to the media, who only report on a small percentage of negative stories compared to the abundance of good outcomes, which are never reported. Then there is those important questions as to who will be the babysitter, will they know what to do, what if baby cries, how can they care for them like a parent does?

Cherished Cherubs Babysitting is owned and run by hands on mums. We know how genuine these feelings of hesitation and anxiousness are. Just to pick up the phone or send the email can be a major milestone. The good thing about our agency is that we listen to you and your family’s needs and customize the booking to suit. Which includes selecting the “right” babysitter who will be a good match.

We are more than happy to spend the time with you to talk through the questions and concerns you may have. It is a big deal to get a new babysitter, especially the first time.  The more we can do over the phone to help put you at ease the better.

The biggest satisfaction we get out of this job is when we speak to a very nervous parent after the babysit, hearing the relief in their voice and the praise they have for the babysitter and this Agency.  “We wish we had found you earlier” is a recurring comment.

For you nervous parents, the testimonials we have on the website and facebook are genuine and updated regularly. Check them out at then take the next step, call 0417 927 525.

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