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Not getting a babysitter could be harming your child and your relationship

Written by Lisa

How you could be harming your children if you NEVER get babysitters. I still hear some parents say, ‘we do not leave their children with anyone, not even family’.

How you could be harming your children if you NEVER get babysitters.

I still hear some parents say, ‘we do not leave their children with anyone, not even family’. I am not talking about the newborn phase; I am talking as in years. Is that what they really think is best for their child, or themselves?

Looking back 50 years, no child was brought up in a small family unit of a mum, dad and perhaps one sibling. There was always a grandparent, an aunt, a neighbour, a close friend, or several people in the community that were available to care for a child at times. Traditional communities within Australia and around the world all worked on the philosophy that ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’

Yet, this philosophy has dissipated in first world countries today.  From my personal experience as a mum, and someone who works in the childcare and babysitting industry, it amazes me how small family units even cope when they never get a babysitter?

In the twenty first century society and family life have changed. I understand the reasons why ‘the village’ are no longer available. Many families migrate to new countries, or interstate, leaving their close family and friends behind. The world and neighbourhood are not as safe as they used to be, and it takes that little longer to trust people. People have busy lives and quite often parents, and grandparents are working so there is no-one available to babysit when needed.

Socialisation: What does this do for the child’s well-being? What does it do for parent relationships?

Children can socialise, but always under the watchful eye of their parent. They do not get the one on one interactions or the skill to work things out without their parent guiding. So much is learnt by spending time with grandparents, with other families, with other children, with other carers. How do they hear the stories, learn different ways to do the same thing, build their independence and explore their capabilities?

I am NOT saying children that are with their parents all the time are in any way not cared for and taught and nurtured. I AM saying there is more in the world to learn than what is in the family unit culture.

We know parenting can be challenging at times. Parents need to have a break at times, to relax, to get things done, to de-stress.  How can you recharge the batteries when the cause is still running around, making noises, and demanding your attention?

It is important to nurture your relationships. When we become parents sometimes, we get lost in becoming a family. We see ourselves more as a mum or dad, and not as our own unique selves. Time out on our own or with our partners and friends is so important to retain our own identity.

Babysitting has value for both the children and the parents. Whether that comes through family, friends, day-care or a reputable and reliable agency such as CherishedCherubsBabysitting, it doesn’t need to be for long, but it does need to happen at times.

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