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No children holidays, should you, could you?

Written by Lisa

Can you remember the last holiday you had without your children?  Was it pre-parenthood?

Can you remember the last holiday you had without your children?

Was it pre-parenthood?

Do you think your relationship with your partner or friends may be stronger if you occasionally travelled together without kids?

Do you think your sense of self would be stronger and your self confidence would grow?

Would you be revitalised and stronger to go back into everyday life?

Would you be adding amazing experiences to your life?

Travel provides the most amazing experiences of life. If travelling abroad there are different cultures, people, food, routines, transport, scenery and so much more.  But even in our own country there is so much to explore. Our world is so diverse and amazing, why would people not want to explore it?

As parents we often make reasons/excuses about holidays….

it’s too expensive to take the kids;

the children aren’t old enough to appreciate it;

I have no-one to care for the kids;

the children wouldn’t cope without us;

I can’t go without my partner;

I would feel guilty, it is selfish;

the kids would make me feel bad.

It would take too long for me to address these reasons, so I won’t. I am conscious that when children are young it is harder to not take them away with you, but once they reach school age they are able to learn that as parents we are allowed to have some time out too. I am going to ask, if you won a free trip, or if you needed to go away for work, would you make it happen? If you would for these, why not make it happen for yourself? Are your reasons coming from within or external? Are there steps you can do now that can set up the situation for you to get away in a year?

I have just been on holidays for 3 weeks and left my 3 youngest children to be cared for by babysitters and family. It took a lot of organisation, and I did miss them and they missed me, but my experiences were epic. We were still able to face time which was fabulous, and they are seeing the amazing experiences they can have as adults when they travel.

Travel will not only offer more experiences, it will push you out of your comfort zone, you will grow, increase skills and confidence, and really importantly, you will not be seen as a mum or a dad, or your job role etc. You will be you, your own identity which is sometimes lost in our worlds.

It is still important to have holidays with kids, never stop these. We should not define ourselves entirely in our parent role, we are individuals too so consider holidays on your own.

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