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How a babysitting agency helps the communities in NT

Written by Lisa

How has a Perth babysitting agency helped the elderly in the NT communities? It is stories like this that inspire us to all keep going.....

How has a Perth babysitting agency helped the elderly in the NT communities?

It is stories like this that inspire us to all keep going…..

We work hard at what we do because we love it, and believe in what we do. Our goal is to help as many families as possible.

When things get frantic it is easy to lose sight of just how much goodness is shared by the very simple things we do.

I love this story that comes from a lady that worked with us 6 years ago before moving interstate.

“My time at Cherished Cherubs Babysitting planted the seed for keeping it real and helping those less fortunate, I will always remember those kids I transported! I turned away from the corporate world and have specialised in aged care not for profit…I love my work and I now provide hr services for a small not for profit in the territory which specialises in indigenous aged care. Every day is a challenge but I get a big kick out of helping in my own small way. You helped start this journey for me by giving me a start, something I will always be grateful for.”

We don’t always get to see ‘the after’ of the work we do. We don’t get to see the kids grow, or where our babysitters move on too.

We don’t get to know the difference we have made in the lives, of not just one, but often many, as shows above.

We don’t always get to hear how we have helped each family. Sometimes when parents go out it is fun and social and sometimes it is to help with work related items. But sometimes it is more serious, like helping someone through a hard time of cancer treatment, or saving marriages, or attending a funeral. A small helping hand to support is important.

Our focus and our culture within the agency is always about helping others, so having a story like that above is humbling and inspirational (and now I will wipe the tear away).

If you have any other stories of how Cherished Cherubs Babysitting has helped you or those around you, we would genuinely love to hear them. Email to

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