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How to Avoid Mother’s Day Disappointment

Written by Lisa

Mother’s Day is meant to be about children showing appreciation for their mother. I find that this sets families up for a day of expectations and sometimes disappointment.

Mother’s Day is meant to be about children showing appreciation for their mother. This sets families up for a day of expectations and sometimes disappointment. How often do mums feel not so special, or children don’t get the reaction they were hoping for from their mum.

So how about we change this idea of Mother’s Day?

I am so lucky to have the ability to be a mother to my beautiful children. Yes, they can be challenging at times; yes, they can hold me back from doing what I want sometimes, but gosh, what would my life be without them!

I want to turn Mother’s Day around and use that day not for the children to show me but how I can show my children how much I love and appreciate having them in my life. How I am proud to be their mum and proud of all, they are.

I have made a conscious decision to be completely immersed with my children and family this Mother’s Day & celebrate how lucky I am and enjoy each moment instead of bouncing from one thing to the next, missing the whole point of what this day is actually all about.

I often find myself jumping on my phone or distracted when my children could do with that eye to eye contact and acknowledging smile. Practically that is not always possible when we are juggling work, kids, marriage, relationships and life, but being aware is important.

Why should I disconnect from distractions and focus on those individual moments with the children?

Because you are the most important factor for your child’s well being.

There is so much focus on giving kids the best in terms of food, toys, clothes, and education, yet forget to give our children ourselves which is all they need. The best thing you can give your child is your own time, it is both unique and irreplaceable.

Not only is it good for them, it is also good for me too. When I am present and enjoy those moments the gratitude I feel, the beautiful laughter and the complete connection its then I realise how time flies and that these precious moments are precious.

The role of mothers is important and it should be celebrated every day, not just on Mother’s Day and deserve to be recognized for their hard work and dedication towards their family, friends and society.

I used to think Mother’s Day was a commercialised sham, which to some extent, it is. But it does provide the opportunity to really think about how precious being a Mum is and also to step back and recognise the role you play in your family’s life and how damn amazing women and mums are.

To those that are lucky enough to have the mum role, in whatever form that looks, Happy Mother’s Day. A special shout out to the amazing team of mums involved with Cherished Cherubs Babysitting. Cherished Cherubs babysitting Perth is your extended tribe mammas and our motto is when you need a break, do it before you break.

Ps for all the Dads out, we conducted a completely unscientific poll, where we asked the beautiful mums what they really want for Mother’s Day & the responses are pretty much what we expected (also short for a break).

Breakfast in bed, sleep in, handmade cards, lunch out with the kids OR lunch without the kids, flowers, handmade presents, dishes done, someone else to cook dinner, organise a babysitter so mum and date can go out….

To all the mums out there, I hope you get spoilt like a queen because you deserve it!

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