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8 rules mumpreneurs need to know

Written by Lisa

8 Life Saving Rules for new Mumpreneurs Starting Out Mum’s are being pushed too hard when starting out in business.

8 Life Saving Rules for new Mumpreneurs Starting Out

Mum’s are being pushed too hard when starting out in business. They are being told that all the pegs need to be lined up in a certain way in a certain time frame.

Who is putting the pressure on these mumpreneurs? Quite often it is the mums themselves, setting unrealistic expectations and listening to those around them.  So mum’s – stop pushing yourselves so hard. These are the rules:

1. If you are working past 11pm every night – go to bed! No-one can operate efficiently when tired, especially when the littluns like to wake early.

2. If you are short fused at the children or partner – work out where your frustrations are coming from (likely the lack of time or production from your business) and separate that from family life. It sounds harsh but don’t take your work frustrations out on the family.

3. When you are feeling alone or don’t know if you are doing things right – get yourself support from people that are not your partner, family or close friends. There are some fantastic networking groups and start up supports around, be open to learning from others.

4. When you feel like you aren’t getting anything achieved – set yourself a weekly planner and write lists, prioritise the tasks and tick them off. If you can see the list you can see that you have done things in the business, and that will give a sense of achievement.

5. When you are not getting the results you want from your business fast enough – be more gentle on yourself, things don’t have to (and won’t) move as fast as you originally hoped.

6. When you physically can’t do everything you want or need in your business but it needs to be done – that is the time to outsource or re-evaluate where your time is being spent, or perhaps book some part time babysitting or childcare for your child.

7. When the kids or partner are saying you aren’t fun anymore, schedule some quality time with them, the reason you started the business was to get that home/work balance wasn’t it?

8. When you don’t know if you can do it anymore – take a deep breath, take a step back and analyse. It may mean lowering your expectations on how much you can do in a week, it may mean restructuring your business, it may mean minimalising your client base for a little while, it may mean more daycare, or more learning, or maybe you need to verbally download on a mentor for some stress-relief or suggestions.

Running your own business can be challenging, but it can be very rewarding. Running it whilst raising a family has extra challenges, but juggling and prioritising is what mum’s are good at.  It is vital not to lose sight of the most important things in life, your family and your sanity, so rise to the adventure of having our own business whilst keeping it in perspective and real =).

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