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Meet Carina, a dedicated and compassionate member of our Cherished Cherubs team. With a heartfelt passion for childcare, Carina pursued a bachelor’s degree in nursing, a testament to her commitment to providing the highest standard of care for children. Her education equips her with a deep understanding of children’s health and developmental needs, making her an exceptional choice for families seeking a knowledgeable and caring babysitter or nanny.

Carina’s experience spans a wide range of ages, including children with additional needs. This breadth of experience has honed her ability to tailor her approach to meet the unique requirements of each child, ensuring that they not only receive expert care but also feel genuinely supported and understood.

Described as caring and trustworthy, Carina takes great pride in the trust placed in her by the families she works with. Her professional background in nursing and extensive babysitting experience combine to provide a nurturing, safe, and enriching environment for the children she cares for.

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At Cherished Cherubs, we have been providing quality childcare  in Perth since 2002.  We know how important your children are.  Our mission is to provide professional, tailored and affordable babysitting services to create a stress-free experience for parents.  We organise it all for you.  Whether you want to find a babysitter to take care of your little ones at home, at your hotel, at work or your latest event, we’ve got you covered.

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